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How Can MtCoding Benefit Your Trading?

The Services

You may request a brand new product programmed from the ground up, or to modify an already existing one. MtCoding provides decompilation services of ex4 to mq4, but not for files that are restricted, such as date expirations or account number limitations. In rare situations, an indicator could be unreadable, but we can decompile it and amend it for project use. Source codes are a 35% fee of the total project quote (they are not necessary for EA/Indicator/Script functionality, though some traders simply prefer it).

Expert Advisors (EAs) are programs that automatically enter trades, manage trades and exit trades based on your set of defined rules. All EAs that MtCoding programs are 4/5 Digit Broker and ECN Broker Compatible. MtCoding is able to have EAs read any indicator out there. Binary trading can be automated only if you have the plug-in in MT4. Here is a list of several of many money management features that you may choose to mix and match in your request:

Automatically calculate the trade's lot size based on account balance/equity and stop loss size, so that the lot size increases as the balance increases and the lot size decreases as the balance decreases, in order to maximize profit potential.
[NEW ADVANCED FEATURE] News Filter: Avoid Trading x minutes before and after a major news announcement of releases such as Interest Rates or the Gross Domestic Product (prices move dangerously quickly in both directions in these times)
Check to see if the spread is not too high before entering a trade.
Open trades only during specified times/sessions (hh:mm-hh:mm).
Open trades only on certain days of the week.
Do not allow more than a certain amount of trades to be open at any one time in the account.
Stop trading for the day if a certain amount of losses/wins occur or if a certain amount of pips/dollars is lost/won based on a manual input or a certain % of the account balance.
Close half the trade's lot size when a certain condition occurs.
Set the stop loss to break even when a certain condition occurs.
Trailing Stop; move the stop loss up as the price goes up (for a buy) and move the stop loss down as the price goes down (for a sell).
Trail Blocks; move the stop loss x pips up/down every x pips of price movement.
Close all trades and delete all pending orders 5 minutes before the market closes on Friday.
Hide the stop losses and take profits from the broker, so they cannot take advantage of them.
Martingale; double the lot size amount after every loss until a winner occurs.
Screenshot made and saved in MT4 folder when trade enters or exits.
Pop Up Alert, Sound or Email/Text when a trade is opened or closed, describing the trade information.
Give option to choose which account number the EA will work on and the option to choose the expiration date of the EA (for purposes of sharing the EA with friends).

Indicators are visual or audible tools for traders. Here is a list of several of many examples of an Indicator that you may choose to mix and match in your request:

Throughout history, draw up and down arrows on the chart when the Stochastic %K period crosses the %D period (user-adjustable Stochastic settings). True/false Pop Up Alert, true/false Sound Alert and a true/false Email/Text Alert when an arrow is drawn, and in the alert, include the pair, time frame and the signal direction.
Pop Up Alert when the account equity is x% greater or x% less than the current account balance.
Email Alert when the previous bar was bullish on the M1, M5, M15 and M30 time frames.
Push Notification Alert to my phone when price goes above/below 61.8% of the Fibonacci that is drawn on the chart.
On the chart throughout history, draw a horizontal line on the highest high between two times and a horizontal line on the lowest low between the two times. User-adjustable hh:mm-hh:mm. Times are based on broker time (you may request it to be based on GMT if you prefer).
Give option to choose which account number the Indicator will work on and the option to choose the expiration date of the Indicator (for purposes of sharing the Indicator with friends).

Scripts are programs that perform a one-time action. Here is a list of several of many examples of a Script that you may choose to mix and match in your request:

Enter a buy with a lot size based on 2% of the account balance and a 20-pip stop loss. For example, if my account balance is $5,000, the lot size should be 0.5 mini lots. Set a 20-pip stop loss as well.
Create a sell stop on the lowest low of the previous 25 bars - 5 pips with a lot size of 0.1.
Create 10 buy stops above price with all of them 10 pips apart and 10 sell stops below price with all of them 10 pips apart. The lot size starts at 0.1 and increases by 0.1 on every pending order further away from price.
Close all trades and delete all pending orders on the current pair/all pairs.
Delete all objects on the chart .
Give option to choose which account number the Script will work on and the option to choose the expiration date of the Script (for purposes of sharing the Script with friends).

The Reasons

The entire purpose behind MtCoding is to help traders spend less time behind the screen. Friend, why stare at the computer all the day long waiting for a signal when MtCoding can program an indicator that alerts your phone when it occurs? Or better yet, program an Expert Advisor that automatically manages your account? We believe in living life to the fullest and our greatest fear is missed opportunities that could have been. The possibilities are truly endless, so do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

A personal touch.
Quick turnaround times/fast delivery. Preferred method of project discussion: Skype calls.
Confidential, but if requested, would also be happy to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).
Free Quote/Consulation (First 30 Minutes; Usually Enough). There is a money-back guarantee if MtCoding cannot get the project working exactly as agreed upon. Salaries fluctuate across the world, so MtCoding gives fair prices as it works with traders worldwide.

"Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step."
-Martin Luther King Jr.